Električno kolo Cruiser Bull Bikes

Attractive custom electric cruiser is hybrid that replaces classic bicycle and motorbike. It is a great combination beetween comfort, leisure ride and cool looks.

7 kw
80 km/h
120 km
  • Powerfull electric hub motor delivers 120 Nm of torque and 7 KW of power. It reaches 50 km/h when riding 20% uphill and 80 km/h on straights.
  • We have built the1260 Wh battery and utilized the space on the bike.
  • Variable regen brake stops the bike quickly and charges the battery up to 20% and extends your range
  • The highest quality regulator on market offers incredible power and torque. It also has bluetooth compatibility so we can set settings like motor power, torque, throttle responsiveness etc. on your smartphone.
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