First personal project from Bull Bikes team, electric Downhill bike with incredible power and torque that frightens even the biggest adrenaline junkies.

32 KW
140 km/h
150 km
  • Even motorbike could be proud with specs like 350 Nm of torque and 32 KW of power.
    Feelings after a ride? Crazy, I have no words left.
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds and top speed over 140 km/h makes your hands shake.
  • Huge battery with 308 best Samsung Li-ion cells (3000Wh) is enough for range greater than 150 km at moderate riding.
  • Instead of using classic disc brakes we use motor regeneration which can extend up to 20% of range during a ride.
  • The highest quality regulator on market offers incredible power and torque. It also has bluetooth compatibility so we can set settings like motor power, torque, throttle responsiveness etc. on your smartphone.
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