Sur-Ron Battery Upgrade

Specifications and prices for most common configurations

  • 60V battery
    60V 66.5Ah 3990Wh 14kW discharge 2142€
    60V 80.5Ah 4830Wh 18kW discharge 2589€
  • 72V battery
    72V 52.5Ah 3780Wh 14kW discharge 2142€
    72V 63Ah 4536Wh 16.8kW discharge 2426€

We can build the batteries in configuration of your needs. We can use any cell on the market 21700/18650. We also make batteries with 30kW peak discharge if needed. For batteries using different lithium cells please contact us at


We have developed Sur-Ron batteries to upgrade from your stock battery. Bull Bikes battery will increase your drastically increase the range of your bike. It will also increase power and speed in case you are using an aftermarket controller for example ASI BAC controller, TORP, Sintech, Nucular, etc. 72V 52,5Ah and 60V 66,5Ah batteries fit under original battery tray with longer screw.


With stock controller:
You will need to choose one of our 60V batteries. With Bull Bikes battery you can increase and even get more than double the range of a stock battery. Just make sure you buy 60V battery since 72V battery won’t work with stock Sur Ron controller.

With aftermarket controller:
You can choose eather 60V or 72V battery. With our battery you will gain more range and a lot more power. Normally 60V battery system compared to 72V gets you a better range but with lower top speed and output power. You can choose whichever you want considering your needs.


We use stock discharge connector so you can just plug it in. With 60V battery we also use the same stock charge connector so you will be able to use original charge that came with the bike. In case you go for a 72V battery you will need 72V charger that can be bought separately. We can install any type of charge connector that you want to use. To install our battery you will only need to remove the original bottom plastic tray that is located under the battery. We will also include spacers and longer screws for your top battery tray with the battery. In that case you will be able to use stock battery top lid. 

We use 2mm thick alumimum housing with black high resistant paint. Mostly we use Samsung 35E lithium battery cells. We are open to making a battery with any other lithium cells if desired. We prefer the 35E for it’s long range and long battery life feature. We use 0.2mm copper instead of nickel for lower resistance, less heat and better discharge rate. Sur-Ron battery is protected with Bluetooth ANT BMS that allows you to monitor everything that’s going on using your smartphone. Battery also has high discharge fuse and charge fuse built in. On the top of the battery we use a handle for easy battery installation and when you need to remove it out of the frame.

We offer 2 year warranty with our battery.